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Hello and welcome!

I'm known as Rosie in name. Not always in nature. And I write books. Humorous books, real-life, fiction, children's books. And under my pseudonym Wolf Black, I write crime mystery.


I’ve been published in anthologies and magazines. And I’ve won an award.

My humour can be drier than a James Bond martini so it’s encouraging to know one or two persons find it to their taste. Blessings to you.


Curious? Interested? Please go to my working website at to discover more about me, my eight books which incidentally are FREE, and lots of other stuff.

I look forward to seeing you there. X

… in case you are wondering, that is me below (click on the picture) snuggled up to two furry things one is real, the other is faux. In bed. Do that a lot. On and off. Not what you are thinking. I have ME as in CFS. Does this present a problem? Not to me. Stay well.